Cell Premium icon eye mask 5X5.5g

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Cell Premium icon eye mask 5X5.5g

Brilliant look be eye lifting.

The active ingredient PhytoCellTec forte Dr. Gerny made from active plant-based stem cells has been combined with Vin-upLift to create the intensive cell premium icon eye mask.

PhytoCellTec forte Dr. Gerny®, which consists of highly concentrated argan and apple stem cells that are refined with a formula of exquisite grape and alpine rose stem cells, is applied to the sensitive eye area for a particularly intensive anti-aging effect. The active ingredient Vin-upLift is acquired from exclusive Swiss ice wine, provides an instant lifting effect, reduces tightness and small wrinkles, and lends the skin a youthful, fresh radiance.


Cell Premium icon eye mask should ideally be applied at least once or twice a week (morning or evening) after facial cleansing for at least three to a maximum of 15 minutes. Excess active ingredient concentrate can be massaged into the facial skin after removing the mask. The cooling, decongestant effect is significantly enhanced if the mask is stored as cool as possible (refrigerator) before use.





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