Curaprox baby teething ring

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Curaprox baby teething ring green

Teething, games and fun

Awakens the senses, promotes sensorimotor skills and - before that the baby knows nothing - prepares for brushing teeth.

Take a bite and the teething pain will go away. There is no need for pain relieving ointments. Developed by Dr. med. dent. Nadja-Marina Kellerhoff, the CURAPROX baby teething ring is actually an adventure playground - and a learning toothbrush. There are many exciting surfaces to be felt, and the rattle rattles. For educators this means: sensorimotor skills. For your child: adventure!

• Helps with teething: Babies use the teething ring intuitively to relieve teething pain.
• Promotes sensorimotor development. Rattle with colored balls, different surfaces in different degrees of hardness
• Looking forward to brushing your teeth: The massage and learning toothbrush prepares the child for his first toothbrush
• Actually an adventure playground: Biofunctional and therefore naturally conducive to growth.

Free from harmful substances such as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates or azo dyes, completely harmless

 The pacifier holder complies with the European standard EN 12586

 For your child's safety 

  • Check the pacifier holder before each use. At the first sign of damage or defects, throw it away immediately. 
  • Never lengthen the pacifier holder! 
  • Never attach the pacifier holder to strings, ribbons, straps or loose parts of clothing. Your child can choke themselves with it.

Product Details 

Data sheet

Colour:               Green / Blue / Pink
Type:                  Teething ring
Needs:                Babies & children; Growing up; Gum care; Jaw development and breathing
Product variety: Single Pack
Productlines:      Baby
Age group:          Infant


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