Farfalla bio shea butter 200 gram

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Farfalla bio shea butter 200 gram

The specialist for stressed skin. The rehydrating and soothing organic butter of the shea tree nuts regulates the skin's moisture balance and enhances its suppleness. Even strained, stressed and chapped skin will become velvety, tender and smooth again.

  • - For a creamier consistency, mix in a ratio of 60:40 with organic care oil. On its own, it is a scentless protective balm for chapped hands, dry lips or as an ointment base (50:50 mixed with organic care oil) for scenting with essential oils.
  • - Regenerating lip balm: Carefully warm 3g jojoba organic care oil in a glass in a water bath. Add 7g of organic shea butter, remove from the water bath and carefully melt. Do not let it get too hot and always stir well for a good consistency, let it cool down briefly. Then stir in 2g of sea buckthorn pulp organic care oil and 1 drop of essential oil lemon balm 10%, pour into a crucible (approx. 15ml) and allow to cool well.
  • - Protective baby balm: Carefully heat 75 ml organic shea butter in a glass in a water bath until it melts. Mix in 25 ml of Argan organic care oil (strengthens the skin barrier and protects) with a wooden stick so that there is an even mixture, allow to cool slightly. Mix in 1-2 drops of essential oil lavender fine (soothes the skin as well as restless tempers) or rose (the classic for baby skin), pour into a crucible and let cool down well.

Butyrospermum parkii butter



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