Farfalla fir needle silver essential oil 5ml

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Joy of life

Fir Needle Silver organic Grand Cru, essential oil

This essential oil comes from an organic supplier in the woodlands of the Massif Central in France. It is one of the most pleasant scents of the forest – literally the «pure smell of wood». Silver fir needle helps clear the airways and is balsamic and decongestant. It is invigorating and stimulating. It counters tiredness and lack of energy. Labeled in German and French only.

Quality: kontr. biologischer Anbau
Certification: Ecocert, Frankreich/International
Origin: France
plant part: Zweig/Nadeln
Extraction: steam distillation
Botanical name: Abies alba
content: 5ml
Vegan: yes
Grand Cru: yes
biochemical specification: limonene, a-pinene, b-pinene

For beneficial room fragrancing and personal aroma care. For information on the therapeutic use of essential oils, please consult respective aromatherapy reference books.




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