Guam duo hot action for belly & waist cream 150 ml

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Guam duo hot action for belly & waist cream 150 ml

It performs an effective lipolytic action by slimming and reshaping the belly and waistline With Fucus vesisculosus, Pink pepper and trace elements from Noirmoutier sea spring water.
The slimming action does not involve weight loss.

- Intensive belly and waist cream with strong physiological effect for treatment against lipolytisch adipose tissue and hautunschönheiten belly and hips.
- Controlled natural cosmetics (BDIH certified e). Natural product. No dyes. Non-medicinal products
- Original Guam seaweed sludge from lacote: 28 years tested for natural cosmetics for healthy and beautiful skin.


Apply with a light massage on the stomach and hips. A slight redness and warmth on the skin is completely normal.
Rinse hands after use. Do not apply on broken or irritated skin.


ingredients GUAM seaweed.
The brown seaweed Fucus vesiculosus is rich in iodine which acts on fatty deposits in the belly and waist.
Its lipolytic action is accentuated if it is combined with Schinus terebinthifolius.
Schinus, although called "pink pepper", is not actually a real pepper, but an aromatic berry picked ripe from a tree in South America.
It can be counted among the plants that are used in "neurocosmetics". Marine spring water from Noirmoutier. Glycosaminoglycans



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