Hormeta pure cleansing beauty milk 200ml

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Hormeta pure cleansing beauty milk 200 ml

A care combining smoothness and delicacy to clean the skin and remove makeup gently.  HormePURE products include key active ingredients to reveal a clear and neat skin, eliminate dead cells and refine skin texture for restored tonicity and radiance.

- Remove and clean the skin gently.

- Eliminate impurities and purify gently.

- Protect and respect the hydrolipidic film.

- Bring softness and comfort to the skin.


The daily care combining smoothness and delicacy, to cleanse and remove makeup gently.

  • - HORMETA Oligocos 5 complex (Hydration, protection, repair)
  • - Cleansing agents ( gentle cleanses)
  • - Wheat germ oil & Maize germ oil ( Hydrates, softens and comforts)
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