Lowa Water Stop Pro Spray

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OWA Water Stop Pro is an innovative protective product for all leathers and textiles in the shoe sector - especially for hiking and mountain shoes - in all colors. By spraying evenly onto the dry, clean material, an invisible protective layer of the smallest nano-particles that repels water, oil and dirt forms on the surface of the hiking shoe. Also ideally suited for climate membrane

Name: Lowa Water Stop Pro Spray
Product: Water Repellent and Dirt Protection Spray
Volume: 300ml
Brand: LOWA
Country: Germany
  • All leathers
  • All shoe textiles
  • All tex membranes
  • PFOA/PFOS free
  1. Spray clean materials from a distance of approximately 30 cm
  2. Allow to dry
  3. Repeated use enhances protective effect
  • All smooth and suede leathers and texitiles
  • Do not use on patent leather or synthetic material
  • Treat large surfaces only outdoors




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