Lubex anti-age double serum 30 ml

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Lubex anti-age double serum 30 ml

Double serum with 2 highly concentrated active phases: increases the skin's elasticity, has a strong anti-oxidant effect and gives a perfect, even complexion.

Thanks to the 2-phase active treatment, Lubex anti-age double serum reduces wrinkles, increases collagen formation and activates the skin renewal process.

The yellow oil-based phase contains highly concentrated retinol (7,500 I.U./g).
The blue water-based phase contains ferulic acid, Etyhl Ferulate and resveratrol.

The double serum is the ideal combination of two different galenic active phases that complement each other and unite when applied. The result is a 2 in 1 serum with synergistic action that increases skin tone and gives a perfect, even complexion. It can be used at any age and for any skin type. Contains no preservatives.


Apply before the cream, spread evenly with your fingertips on the selected facial area. Suitable for every skin type.


Active ingredients
Retinol 7500 I.E./g
Is a high-dose effective and well-tolerated form of vitamin A. 
As a sirtuin activator, protects the cells from negative environmental influences and ensures efficient stress defence in the skin. 
Ferulic Acid & Ethyl Ferulate
Neutralise free radicals as highly effective natural antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties and support the skin renewal process.



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