Neoboemi protective primer 30 ml

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Neobömi protective primer 30 ml

Even radiant coplextion

The 6 in 1 primer offers optimal protection against environmental influences on the facial skin. It is aimed at 100% of the light spectrum to provide all-round protection for the skin from sun-induced skin damage. A protective, breathable film protects the skin even from small fine dust particles. The active ingredients hyaluronic acid and glycerine provide intensive and long-lasting moisture.

The tinted primer maintains the young skin structure and supports the resistance and regeneration of the skin. Skin irritation, dryness and pigments are prevented. The result is an even, radiant complexion.

  • All-round protection against environmental stress factors.
  • The skin is smoothed, the pores are optically minimized and the skin is optimally prepared for the make-up.
  • Protects against premature skin aging caused by the sun.
  • Integrated pigments give the skin an even, fresh complexion.
Step 1 cleanse your face thoroughly
Step 2 Apply the neobömi Tri-Hyaluron Serum as a moisturizer as required
Step 3 Apply the primer as a base under make-up or as a tinted day care product.


The contained 6 in 1 complex provides effective moisture, smoothes the skin and protects against environmental influences such as UV - blue light radiation and free radicals.

The coordinated textures smooth the skin and minimize pores.

The protective primer is a covering primer for make-up and protects against premature skin aging.




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