X-BIONIC Women TWYCE Biking Pants

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THE COOLER YOU ARE, THE MORE POWERYOUHAVE.THANKS TO INTELLIGENT X-BIONIC TWYCE TECHNOLOGY. Some people claim that “Bikewear technology has reached the end of its road.” Others insist that “there can’t be more power.” But X-BIONIC® says “100 % isn’t enough”– and adds 200 % more cooling performance with revolutionary X-BIONIC® TWYCE Bikewear that sets more biking power free. The new X-BIONIC® TWYCE Bike Bib Tight boasts two decisive inventions: superior skin-climate regulation with the Two-Step Front 3D Bionic Sphere® System and the integrated X-BIONIC® TWYCE Cool Zone, which distributes moisture and allows it to evaporate over a large area. Together, these two innovations maximize the cooling effect when the wearer perspires and helps the body to regulate its temperature. The result: less energy is lost through sweating and more performance is gained for biking.



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