Plantavis plantaskin lightening pigment balance 60 capsules

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Plantavis plantaskin lightening pigment balance 60 capsules

PlantaSkin Lightening Pigment Balance for the skin. PlantaSkin Lightening capsules plus a natural cell protection complex.

Dietary supplement with olive leaf, almond powder, hydroxytyrosol, sodium hyaluronate, coenzyme Q10, copper gluconate, rivoflavin vitamin B2, biotin plus a natural cell protection complex for the skin - high quality product.

PlantaSkin Lightening Pigment Balance capsules for natural skin care from the inside with a cell protection complex

A good and even distribution of the pigments makes the skin appear healthier, smoother and younger. In addition, there is skin care for which products with almond or olive oil are often used. The focus here is on moisture-regulating and moisturizing properties. However, none of this will prevent one or two age spots from becoming visible over the years. 

PlantaSkin brightens and unifies the skin tone from the inside, inhibits tyrosinase and protects the skin from solar radiation

With a high proportion of the olive leaf active ingredient hydroxytyrosol


is an ingredient of the olive that acts as a highly active antioxidant in the body. Antioxidants are bioactive molecules that are found in many plants, but not all of them exhibit the same activity. Hydroxytyrosol is considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants and there is increasing demand on the market. Its ability to scavenge oxygen radicals (ORAC) is around 4,000,000 μmolTE / 100 g: it is ten times higher than that of green tea and more than twice as high as that of CoQ10 and quercetin.

Hydroxytyrosol can protect skin and hair from damage caused by UV radiation. This reduces the signs of aging and the fading and fading of hair. Hydroxytyrosol can prevent wrinkling and skin aging. In addition, hydroxytyrosol is said to influence the production of melanin in human cells, so that the skin and dark pigment spots become lighter. Hydroxytyrosol is used in skin care formulations such as anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products. 

The PlantaSkin Lightening Pigment Balance Formula contains valuable olive leaf and almond powder as well as vitamins B2, biotin and vitamin C. The olive leaf powder in particular supports the formula here with a total of 12 milligrams of its main active ingredient, hydroxytyrosol, per daily dose. There is also the trace element copper. Very often little attention is paid to it, although it contributes to normal skin pigmentation.

The skin is the mirror of the soul and the largest organ in the human body. So that your skin looks fresh, soft and radiant, the PlantaSkin Lightening Pigment Balance Formula naturally supports the healthy balance of skin pigmentation. The skin separates the body from the outside and is also part of the human immune system. The skin enjoys a varied and nutrient-rich diet. Various vitamins and trace elements support normal skin function.

The vital substances

- Vitamin B2, biotin and copper contribute to normal skin.
- Vitamin C contributes to the normal synthesis of collagen in the skin. 
- Vitamin C contributes to a normal immune system. 
- Vitamin C protects the cells from oxidative stress.
- Manganese contributes to the normal formation of connective tissue.

Combine PlantaSkin with the apricot sun protection capsules.


Composition per daily dose RM (%)
Vitamin C 32.00 mg 40.00 %
Hydroxytyrosol 12.00 mg
Copper 0.50 mg 50.00 %
Vitamin B2 2.00 mg 142.00 %
Biotin 60.00 μg 120.00 %

RM(%): Reference intakes (for the average adult) according to LMIV


Take two capsules daily with sufficient liquid after breakfast. The products should be used long-term and consistently, as this is the only way to ensure that the high-quality active ingredients achieve the desired results.
One can is sufficient for a month's supply and is suitable for long-term use.

Duration of use Recommendation: permanent use



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