Plantavis reishi powder 150 gram

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Plantavis reishi powder: The mushroom of eternal life - Super MonoFood

Pure reishi powder

Reishi powder - the nutritious forest mushroom

Dietary supplement filling quantity: 150g

In China and Japan, the medicinal mushroom called Reishi has been valued for thousands of years and is still a symbol of luck and immortality today. Liver disease, allergies, inflammation, heart disease or cancer: There is hardly any other medicinal mushroom that can be used in such a variety of ways. Reishi is rich in nutrients such as:

  • - Polysaccharides
  • - Vitamin B, D, E
  • - Minerals: magnesium, zinc, copper, iron
  • - Adenosine
  • - Ganoderane
  • - Germanium
  • - Triterpenes

Medicinal Mushroom Reishi - One of the oldest medicines known to man

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is one of the most important medicinal mushrooms and one of the oldest medicines known to man. It occurs worldwide and grows mainly on deciduous trees - its favorite tree is the oak.

Medicinal mushroom Reishi - It is used for these diseases

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Reishi is still used today. B. used for the following ailments:

  • -Chronic hepatitis
  • - Cancer
  • - Weakened immune system
  • - High blood pressure
  • - Heart disease
  • - Bronchitis
  • - Asthma
  • - Stomach ulcers
  • - Insomnia
  • - Kidney infections
  • - Joint inflammation

In addition, Reishi is an extremely effective tonic that can help people who suffer from a serious illness such as cancer to regain their strength. So it is no coincidence that Reishi is called the "mushroom of eternal life". Another very interesting effect concerns age spots, which according to folk medicine should slowly but surely disappear with regular consumption of the Reishi mushroom.

Special procedure

Our valuable and natural products are processed exclusively using the extremely gentle freeze-drying process. Since no additives such as maltodextrin are required in the freeze-drying process, we can offer you a 100% reishi powder that does not require any additives, fillers or other additives and contains no preservatives.


    Stir 1 measuring spoon (= 7.0g) 1-3 times a day into liquid, smoothies or shakes in combination with fruit or fruit juices or other superfoods, milk, yoghurt or water or sprinkle it over food.

    The recommended daily intake recommended must not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Store the product dry, protected from light and not above 25 ° C. 

    Do not use this product if the security seal is broken.


    100% pure reishi powder




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