Plantavis rosehip powder, good for the joints 150g

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Plantavis rosehip powder, good for the joints 150g

Rosehip powder - The joint specialist
Food supplement
Filling quantity: 150g

Rosehip powder has been used in naturopathy for a very long time for various symptoms such as joint pain, inflammation, mobility of joints, discomfort during the day mood, energy, reduction of painkillers, pain relief.

Rosehip powder is rich in nutrients such as:

Vitamin B1
vitamin B2
vitamin K
Lycopene (antioxidants)
Essential vitamin C for the human body
Vitamin C is involved in many processes in the human body and fulfills important tasks there.

Strengthening the immune system
The formation of blood vessels
The formation of collagen
Vitamin C strengthens the connective tissue
It welds proteins and other substances into collagen fibers and thus strengthens the connective tissue. Collagen ensures the elasticity of skin, ligaments, tendons and blood vessels, as well as the strength of teeth and bones. Scar tissue is also made of collagen, which is why vitamin C is so important for wound healing. Vitamin C improves calcium and iron absorption. Calcium and iron are better absorbed when combined with vitamin C. Iron stored in the spleen and intestinal walls is brought back into the bloodstream by vitamin C, where it can be used to transport oxygen and strengthen the immune system.


1-3 x daily 1 scoop (=6.5g) in liquid, smoothies or shakes in combination with fruit or fruit juices or other superfoods, milk, yogurt or water or sprinkled over food.

The recommended daily intake recommended must not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Store the product dry, protected from light and not above 25 ° C. 

Do not use this product if the security seal is broken.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please contact your doctor before using the product.


100% pure rose hip powder

Average nutritional values    per 100g
Calorific value                       1030kJ / 251kcal
Fat                                         5.2g
- thereof saturated fatty acids 0.45 g
Carbohydrates                      12.5 g
- thereof sugar                      6.8 g
Protein                                  6.8 g
Salt                                      <0.00 g



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