Viliv r - redness relief cream 30ml

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Viliv r - redness relief cream 30ml


Stress and physical strain could cause the skin to redden spontaneously, but so could cold air or spicy food. Even if it quickly recedes, such irritation is often a sign of constitutional vascular weakness. Enlargement of the facial blood vessels is a chronic condition for about 10% of adults. For these people, inflamed capillaries permanently visible on the cheeks, forehead and nose are a source of great concern.

100% vegan Gluten free


viliv r - get rid of the red, redness relief cream by Dr. Felix Bertram provides intensive calming for irritated skin, alleviates redness and prevents its return with two high-tech complexes concentrated at optimal levels for best efficacy. CM Naringenin-Chalcone derived from grapefruit peel interacts perfectly with MAXnolia - a magnolia extract. In traditional Chinese medicine this tree bark is highly valued for its strong antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects. The formula inhibits the skin's inflammatory reactions, thereby soothing and strengthening the fine veins and visibly alleviating redness. Skin tone is more balanced and the complexion appears more even.


Tests carried out with a 0.5% concentration of the active ingredient MAXnolia showed a significant reduction in skin redness in 85% of participants. Blood flow in treated areas decreased by 50% after four weeks of use and veins were less visible. viliv r - redness relief cream optimises efficacy with a 0.5% concentration of the active ingredient MAXnolia - to lastingly soothe redness and irritation.


Apply daily in the morning and evening after cleansing. Ideal results when combined with a suitable viliv moisturiser and viliv e - smoothing eye serum. Suitable for reddened and irritated skin.

  • Free from: parabens, mineral oils, colourants, PEG, BHT and EDTA


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