Beneganic Balance 60 capsules

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Content: 60 capsules, each containing 475 mg

BENEGANIC BALANCE restores your emotional balance and ensures a healthy sleep. Especially in troubled times, we easily get out of balance emotionally. This often leads to a stress spiral of restlessness and fears putting us under psychological stress during the day and preventing a restful sleep at night. That is why with BENEGANIC BALANCE we have generated an extraordinary product restoring your emotional balance. Every single valuable ingredient in BENEGANIC BALANCE supports your psychological balance: A clinically tested premium saffron extract has been proven to promote inner calm, lemon balm extract helps calming your nerves and KSM-66 is the most active Ashwagandha extract, which has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress. Organic vitamin B3 (niacin) additionally supports nervous system and psyche.

    Helpful Advice

    Extraordinary psychological or physical stress can particularly weaken your immune system. To prevent and support the body’s own defenses, we recommend our IMMUNE & ANTIOX cures or our FIRST AID. In addition to important organic vitamins and minerals for the immune system, both products contain a highly active natural beta 1.3 / 1.6 glucan, which has been proven to actively support the immune system. Our beta glucan is supported by 18 clinical studies. 



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