Beneganic Essentials 60 capsules

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Beneganic Essentials 60 capsules

BENEGANIC ESSENTIALS is our basic product for the daily sustainable support of your health.

With all vitamins from 100% organic sources plus organic minerals, it is suitable for everyone. With BENEGANIC ESSENTIALS you can always be sure that you are regularly replenishing your vitamin and mineral stores - in a completely natural way as well as with a wholesome diet.

BENEGANIC ESSENTIALS is a unique preparation that contains ALL essential vitamins in 100% organic form - and also important organic minerals. Highly potent and natural - it couldn't be better!

BENEGANIC ESSENTIALS is packed full of organic vitamins and minerals - extracted from 5 kg of superfruits and herbs in every daily portion! Organic micronutrients unfold their full effect in the body, because they contain all the healthy secondary plant substances that make up a natural vitamin complex.




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