Beneganic Deep Red Omega 60 capsules

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Beneganic Deep Red Omega 60 capsules

Content: 60 capsules, each containing 590 mg

DEEP RED OMAEGA 3 is a product that protects your heart and liver in a special way. But it can do a lot more: the omega 3 fatty acids from krill oil can also have anti-inflammatory effects. DEEP RED OMEGA 3 can help people who are looking for support for their joints or who want to soothe other inflammations.

 BENEGANIC DEEP RED OMEGA 3 is a real booster for the health of these important organs.

BENEGANIC DEEP RED OMEGA 3 contains valuable krill oil with a very high content of heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids (636 mg / day), which are bound to phospholipids and are therefore highly bioavailable. Heavily enriched astaxanthin offers additional vascular protection. The choline in BENEGANIC DEEP RED OMEGA 3 is an active liver protection agent.

Krill oil is not contaminated with heavy metals and DEEP RED OMEGA 3 by BENEGANIC comes from sustainable MSC-certified fishing.

DEEP RED OMEGA 3 has a vanilla flavor - the capsules have no fishy odor and they do not create a fishy aftertaste. The capsules are made from beef gelatin.


100 % organic



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