Beneganic men's health 60 capsules

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Beneganic men's health 60 capsules

Number: 60 capsules (426mg per capsule)

MEN’S HEALTH is a product especially for men’s health! It is 100% organic and it offers a highly effective all-round protection for men.

BENEGANIC MEN`S HEALTH contains organic selenium for normal sperm formation, organic zinc for your fertility and reproduction as well as organic vitamin D for normal muscle function and bone structure. Organic vitamin C strengthens your immune system and improves tiredness and fatigue.

This premium product is completed by a high-dose, high-quality, natural lycopene (a particularly potent antioxidant) and an excellent pomegranate extract with a high content of active punicalagins.


    Helpful advice
    Our BENEGANIC MEN`S HEALTH is the ideal product for men who want to protect their male organs with increasing age. The organic vitamins C and D and the organic minerals zinc and selenium contribute to this. High-quality lycopene and pomegranate extract make this product special – tailored to the specific needs of men.For all men who want to additionally protect their heart and liver, we recommend our DEEP RED OMEGA 3. High-dose omega-3 fatty acids, which have a high bioavailability, astaxanthin for the vessels and choline for the liver make this product really special for daily protection of heart and liver.


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