Cell Premium malus domestica forte serum 30 ml

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Cell Premium malus domestica forte serum 30 ml
The powerul serum with the strength of nature. Cell Premium gives you the ultimate in skincare. The only way to achieve more is with our 28-day treatment containing an extract of apple stem cells – also known as malus domestica – as the primary ingredient. The serum nourishes the skin with highly concentrated active plant stem cells in cell premium to intensely support energy metabolism, strengthen cell protection and improve the skin's firmness and density. Recognized as one of the most effective ways of maintaining youthful skin, this serum is ideal as a standalone anti-aging daily care product for very oily or combination skin types.


Smooth on the face, neck and cleavage once or twice daily and massage in gently after cleansing with cell premium products. Then apply the cell premium cream suitable for your skin type and specific needs.





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