Swiss Getal botocare set

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Swiss Getal botocare set

Pamper yourself with the combo set with the three SWISSGETAL BOTOCARE products to rejuvenate and refresh your facial and décolleté area. The combination of BOTOCARE Serum and Cream forms a daily skin care product that reduces expression lines and provides the skin with the daily care it needs. In combination with the highly concentrated mask, you can carry out an intensive treatment once or twice a week, which further supports the tightened skin experience.


After cleansing the face and neck area, apply the BOTOCARE Decontracting Serum followed by the BOTOCARE Decontracting Cream daily in the morning and in the evening.
Apply the BOTOCARE Decontracting Mask in a thin layer once or twice a week for five minutes. Dab off any excess emulsion and gently massage in or rinse away the residue. Afterwards, you can apply the Decontracting Serum and the Decontracting Cream.



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