Curaprox CS-1006 single blisterpack

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Curaprox CS-1006 single blisterpack

For toothbrush aficionados

Now you can stop searching for “the one”. The perfect fit for the anatomy of the gumline. Clean millimetre by millimetre, tooth by tooth.

Is that really a toothbrush? Yes, and how! It’s impossible to brush your teeth any better: tooth after tooth, the gum line is perfectly clean without any harm to the gums. Recommended in particular for braces and implants or simply for the joy of perfect teeth brushing.
Prophylaxis professional Jiri Sedelmayer developed the cleaining method, the solo method as it is known, and CURAPROX made a single-tuft brush for it: not just with CUREN® filaments, but with a beautifully rounded bristle tuft. Why? Well, it means that the filaments adapt wonderfully to the anatomy of the gum line.

- Flatters the gum line
- CUREN® filaments with perfect round cut
- For use with braces and implants
- Or simply for the joy of perfect teeth brushing

Product Details 
Colour:          Assorted
Softness:       Hypersoft
Needs:           Bleeding gums, Clean teeth. Gum care; Gum inflammation, Plaque,  Sensitive teeth
Product variety; Single Pack
Product lines: CS5460
Age group:     Adult 


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