Declaré anti wrinkle sun protection cream spf30 75 ml

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Declaré anti wrinkle sun protection cream spf30 75 ml

Anti-sun wrinkle product for sensitive skin. Protects from sunburn, intensively hydrates and keeps the skin feeling wonderfully smooth. 

The special protective combination actively prevents the signs of premature ageing such as fine lines, discoloration and sun-induced wrinkles and promotes an even, long-lasting tan.


Suitable for all skin type. Before sun exposure, apply evenly & generously; inadequate application reduces the protective performance. Repeat the application to maintain the protection, particularly after swimming. Avoid strong midday sun!

Protect babies & young children from direct sunlight, use protective clothing & sun creams with very high protection factor (SPF higher than 25).  Even sunscreen products with high protection factors do not offer full protection against UV rays.


SRC™ complex, phytosteryl canola glycerides, vitamin E, bisabolol, photostable UVA & UVB filter, cell protection, water resistant



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