Hormeta mat night rebalancing fluid 30 ml

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Hormeta mat night rebalancing fluid 30 ml

The expert night treatment to rebalance the skin durably and normalize the functions of the epidermis. HormeMAT products provide the key active ingredients to regulate sebaceous secretion and prevent bacteria’s development, while refining skin texture and matifying the complexion.

- Regulate the sebaceous glands.

- Restore the skin’s hydrolipidic balance of the skin.

- Purify and prevent bacteria from spreading.

- Improve the appearance of oily skin in the long term.


An expert night cream for combination and oily skin to counteract inadequate lipidic metabolism and enable the epidermis to return to its normal functions. Night-time is a crucial period during which active ingredients can be left to work their magic while the skin rests. Rebalanced and mattified, skin looks visibly more beautiful in the morning.

An ultra-light, creamy gel texture that lets the skin breathe. Apply in the evening to a thoroughly cleansed face and neck.

  • - HORMETA Oligocos 5 complex (Hydration, protection, repair)
  • - Tea tree oil derivative ( Purifies and mattifies)
  • - Purifying plant based complex ( Astringent, sebum-regulating properties)
  • - Organic willowherb extract ( Anti inflammatory and antibacterial)
  • -triglycerides and ceramides complex ( Strengthens the hydrolipidic barrier)
  • - Lactokine fluid ( Protects)
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