Kingnature artemisia cream 30 ml

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Kingnature artemisia cream 30 ml

Care for demanding skin! With an extract of the valuable leaf tips of Artemisia annua from Swiss organic farming. Protects, nourishes and supports skin irritations.

The Artemisia cream is delivered in a practical dispenser (Airless pump). The cream is always protected from contact with the air and can be dosed cleanly. When using the cream for the first time, several pump strokes may be necessary until the cream is dispensed.


Apply Artemisia Cream to ease skin irritations and skin problems.


A 99.9% pure Aloe Vera Gel (from the inner leaf of the plant) is used to make the cream easy to apply. Also added is Frankincense, which gives a pleasant fragrance to the cream. As a side note: people have used Frankincense also as an ingredient in skincare for many generati



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