Kingnature foot protection cream 30ml

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Kingnature foot protection cream 30ml

The foot protection cream protects and cares for the skinwith artemisia, cinnamon and habanero from Swiss cultivation. The well-groomed skin becomes smooth and supple and shows no cracks or fissures. This nourishing effect supports and strengthens the skin barrier. The formulation of the foot protection cream has been developed and successfully tested during long research work. 

  • - Combo product with 3 different plant extracts.
  • - With Artemisia and Habanero from Swiss organic farming.
  • - The natural ingredients increase the natural skin barrier and protect sensitive feet.

Apply the cream to protect sensitive skin areas gently every day and let it work.. Strengthens the skin barrier on the feet. 


 capsules, 37 g net. One capsule contains 200 mg of Svetol, 200 mg of brown algae powder and 100 mg of L-carnitine.



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