La Colline cellular perfect hydration serum 30 ml

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La Colline cellular perfect hydration serum 30 ml

Cellular Youth Hydration Serum offers skin a fresh skin-merging texture. Formula with the highest concentration of HydraCell Factor, it is also enriched with Glycerin, well-known for its humectant power to reinforce hydration.

HydraCell Factor:
The complex is made up of ingredients that have been selected to plump skin and offer ideal hydration.
- A biomimetic and fractionated Hyaluronic Acid for optimized skin assimilation, combined with Encapsulated Swiss Minerals, to plump and quench skin
- An Exo-Polysaccharide from marine biotechnology which stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis by cutaneous cells
- Oligosaccharides from Wild Pansy which stimulate aquaporin synthesis, the cells' irrigation canals, promoting water circulation to skin
- Polyphenols from Alpine Rose leaves that protect skin from oxidation and help delay signs of aging.

CMAGE® Complex:
The Eco-Hydration Factor works in synergy with the remarkable anti-aging to revitalize even the most dehydrated skin.


Apply morning and night to the face and neck before Cellular Youth Hydration Cream or Balm.

Cellular Youth Hydration Serum offers skin the HydraCell Factor power, concentrated in a fresh skin-merging texture.



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