La Colline cellular rich matrix cream 30 ml

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La Colline cellular rich matrix cream 30 ml

This nourishing skincare is intended for dry skin that has been exposed to cold and dry climates. It fights against wrinkles and fine lines thanks to its R³ Peptixyl Complex that stimulates the skin's repairing mechanisms.
Boost matrix reconstruction: Two peptide messenger molecules combined with a vegetable extract, with a complementary effect, boost cellular communication and mimc the skin's natural healing process (production of collagen, elastin and fibronectin). The extracellular matrix is thus rebuilt and redensified.

Plump up wrinkles and fine lines: Hyaluronic acid microspheres fill wrinkles out ( or up ?) and hydrate skin by capturing evaporating moisture. They thus expand in volume, filling and evening wrinkles out. Visible results can be seen just hours after the first application.

Restore the skin barrier: Ceramides reinforce the surface skin barrier, while plant-based polymer forms a film with a tensor effect to smooth skin instantly.


Apply after Cellular Matrix Serum, all over the face and neck, morning and/ or evening.



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