La Colline radiance cleansing milk 150 ml

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La Colline radiance cleansing milk 150 ml

This smooth milk gently cleanses skin eliminating all traces of makeup and everyday impurities. Its brightening action leaves the complexion looking clearer and more even, with a soft, fresh, comfortable feel.

Cell Life Extender: The result of fundamental biological research, Cell Life Extender is an active ingredient which has the capacity to neutralize free radicals, the molecules responsible for cutaneous aging. Even more amazingly, it transforms them into water and oxygen, the basic substances of life that preserve the cells' youthful vitality. Furthermore, this extraordinary molecule has the capacity to regenerate itself. At the end of each transformation, it returns to its initial state, ready to start a new cycle.

CMAGE® Complex: La Colline's signature complex which activates vital cell functions: moisturizing, oxygenation and protection to preserve a youthful appearance.


It cleanses and gently eliminates daily impurities and any trace of makeup. Illuminates the skin, leaving it clear and fresh.

Apply morning and night over the entire face and neck, massaging in circular movements. Follow with Radiance Softening Lotion. For a double-cleansing action, follow the application of the Radiance Cleansing Milk with your preferred cleanser from the Active Cleansing collection prior to applying the Radiance Softening Lotion.


CMAge Complex, Mela-Control Complex, Boldine, Stabilized Vitamin C, White Tea Extracts, Fruit Acids



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