La Colline global anti-pollution emulsion 50 ml

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La Colline global anti-pollution emulsion 50 ml

Every day, the skin is subjected to an onslaught of stress factors (pollution, overwork, stress, tobacco…) that threaten its natural balance. The complexion loses its radiance and the skin ages more quickly. Essential skincare for anyone who live in an urban environment, Global Anti-Pollution Emulsion helps combat the harmful effects of pollution while moisturizing and refreshing the skin. Its complex formula, the fruit of many years of research, delivers a veritable breath of fresh Swiss mountain air. Its protective, anti-oxidizing and detoxifying action provides all the elements needed to preserve the beauty of the skin.

Protected, bolstered and detoxified, the skin is virtually rejuvenated. Well-hydrated, it emanates freshness and radiance, like after a weekend in the country air. The emulsion's light texture penetrates quickly, imparting a delicate sensation of softness.

Global Anti-Pollution Emulsion is suitable for all skin types and all ages.

Expert Complexs

La Colline pushes the limits of cutaneous protection by combining the CMAGE® Complex, which boosts cellular metabolism, with Cell Impulse, a blend of Swiss plant extracts coupled with high-performance active ingredients that wields a triple effect:

A protective mesh limits the accumulation and penetration of pollution particles. It also reduces the pollutants' ability to bind to the epidermis, allowing the skin to breathe. The complexion looks brighter with a newfound freshness.

Organically grown Edelweiss, a Swiss plant that can survive under extreme climatic conditions, and Artemisia slow the action of free radicals with their combined anti-oxidizing power, while Epilobium soothes and rebalances the skin.

Pollutants and toxins are trapped and eliminated, limiting their harmful effects. The complexion looks fresher and clearer.


Apply one or two pump doses of Global Anti-Pollution Emulsion to the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck, then smooth in with upward circular motion. Use morning and/or night, preferably after the usual serum. Specially developed to supplement La Colline's other skincare products, Global Anti-Pollution Emulsion can be used with all La Colline serums and creams as part of a complete skincare routine.

Improvement of the skin's anti-oxidizing capacity: +26%*
The skin regains its natural breathing potential: 90%**

*Clinical test conducted in Milan on 20 women who used Swiss Riviera Global Anti-Pollution Eulsion twice daily for 28 days. FRAP measurements taken on treated versus untreated areas.
**Test conducted on 30 women in Milan after twice daily use for 28 days. Percentage of positive responses.



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