Labo Suisse crescina HFSC for women

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Labo Suisse crescina HFSC for women

A topical dermo-cosmetic treatment in vials with double function: it helps the physiological hair growth and helps stop the hair-loss.

The packaging contains two vial types: amber vials contain Crescina Transdermic Re-Growth HFSC while transparent vial contain Crescina Transdermic Anti-Hair Loss, combining the basic active ingredients (Hydroxyproline, Aspartic Acid, Enzymatic Activator and Taurine) with Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, helpful to reinforce hair from the root (in vitro test on the active ingredients), plus 3 enhancers to facilitate their penetration (Transdermic Technology) through both hair system and scalp. The formulation is enriched with the HSSC Complex.

Specific formulae for Man and Woman. Available in 10+10-vial boxes and in the

following dosages:  1300.


Crescina comes with 3 different length of strength products to promote hair growth while decreasing hair loss. 3 types of ampoules contain in a box (total of 20 stuck) as an intensive treatment for 4 weeks with 3 Swiss Patent, PLC12 (Swiss Patent CH713030), Bulge-stem (Swiss Patent 703390) and Transdermic link beta-4. 
After use: Regenerate the hair scalp and hair follicles, unique transdermal technology with NO SIDE EFFECT, avoid affecting liver and kidney, rapid drug release speed, easy to use!

Please follow the instruction given in the box, apply the ampule on the completely dry and clean hair scalp. 1 Ampule is the dose for a day, the whole treatment should be finished in 30 days. 



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