Labo Suisse white hair stop and reverse the greying process for 60 % grey hair 20 / 60 ampoules for men

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Hair White Hair Treatment is available in two sizes of 20 and 60 ampoules in the formulation for men and women. The White Hair Treatment for Hair treatment cycle is 3 months, with the application of 1 ampoule per day for 5 consecutive days and a two-day break. The advice is to carry out the treatment once a year and, if necessary, use 1 ampoule per week as maintenance. In case of use of Crescina treatments for hair re-growth or anti-hair loss it is advisable to alternate the cycles at regular intervals.

Use carefully!
Do not let liquid touch outside the scalp.
Do not pour it out at once. Start with only 1/3 of Ampoule,.
Wait for the scalp absorb the liquid before continue to pour.

White Hair Hair Treatment - 20 Vials
White Hair Hair Treatment - 60 Vials - 3 months of treatment

Available in different formulations for men and women, in the dosages:
- First White Hair
- 30% White Hair
- 60% White Hair

The main factors causing hair graying are the reduction of melanogenesis (decrease in melanin synthesis) and oxidative stress in the bulb. As we age, hair undergoes a physiological graying process that commonly begins in the fourth decade of life, but which can occur at different ages in different subjects. The graying process is linked to a decrease in melanin synthesis linked to a decrease in the activity of tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of melanin), to a decrease in the total number of melanocytes (cells specialized in producing melanin in the hair) and , as shown by recent studies, to the decrease of melanocyte stem cells of the hair follicle, a phenomenon also linked to aging.

The accumulation of oxidative damage in the hair follicles is a major factor affecting the speed of hair graying. It is a condition caused by the body's excessive production of free radicals that is no longer able to dispose of them properly and that accumulate in the hair bulbs. Here they cause loss of activity of the enzymes involved in the synthesis of melanin and of the antioxidant enzymes that naturally protect the hair from oxidation. Free radicals can form to a greater extent due to stress, bad lifestyle, poor diet, excessive exposure to sunlight.

The active components that make up White Hair Treatment for Hair in vials are 3 molecules with transdermal technology with a tested skin penetration index: they operate at various levels in the hair system (melanocytes, melanosomes, melanocyte stem cells, oxidative reactions) where on the one hand there is they oppose the causes that lead to gray hair and on the other hand stimulate the melanocytes to produce the natural pigment that distinguishes every type of hair.

The repigmentation of the hair therefore takes place without the use of coloring substances. The melanin that distinguishes each individual's hair color is processed within the hair system and not supplied from the outside, as in the case of artificial hair coloring.

Hair White Hair Treatment in ampoules is based on an effective mix of 3 active molecules, with very low molecular weights and very high penetration index:

Labo NPP-23
Labo SHP-4
Labo MLN-20

Labo NPP-23 helps to promote the natural melanogenesis process of the hair.

Labo SHP-4 , Synthetic Human Stem Cell Factor, plays an important role in hair pigmentation by coordinating the reserve cells present in the follicle.

Labo MLN-20 is a biomimetic peptide that helps counteract graying by promoting the recovery of natural hair color.

In women there is the risk of exposing their hair more frequently than men to both dietary insufficiency and oxidative stress (for example perms and dyes). For this reason, in the woman formulation there is a molecule, folic acid, the deficiency of which can reflect on the natural pigmentation of the hair and is therefore useful in counteracting graying.

To ensure that the functional molecules of White Hair Hair Treatment penetrate not only from the follicular ostia but also through the scalp to reach the hair system, Labo researchers have developed and patented the Transdermal Technology (Swiss Patent CH 711 466) which is based on the very low molecular weight of the active substances and on the presence of enhancers, for their penetration into the skin layers of the scalp. The percentages shown below refer to the transdermal penetration at 24 hours of the functional active molecules, in solution, obtained with the transdermal technology patented by Labo and tested by Franz cells.


Labo has formulated White Hair Treatment for Hair in vials to counteract white hair without binding it to the age of the subjects, but identifying 3 dosage levels of the active ingredients according to the extent of the problem. The photographic scale with the 4 levels of gray hair was used to fine-tune the relative dosages, in relation to the percentage of white hair. A precise dosage of the White Hair preparation corresponds to the first three graying levels. As the degree of graying increases, the concentration of the active ingredients increases. The last grade of the scale is characterized by 100% white hair and is to be considered no longer treatable with the Labo preparation.


First White Hair Dosage : indicated for those who begin to see the first white hair, with a still low percentage of white hair on the total hair. It helps to promote the formation of endogenous melanin to help regain the natural color of the hair and to counteract the spread of the first white hair.

Dosage 30% of White Hair : indicated in case of white hair, approximately 30% of the total number of hairs. It helps to counteract the spread of graying and to promote the formation of endogenous melanin to help regain the natural color of the hair.

Dosage 60% of White Hair : indicated in case of white hair, approximately 60% of the total number of hairs. It helps to counteract the spread of graying and to promote the formation of endogenous melanin to help regain the natural color of the hair.



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