Med Beauty Swiss gly clean gel 50ml

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Med Beauty Swiss GLYCLEAN GEL has an active effect with refined fruit acid (5%) and our specially developed Glycocitro complex. It refines the skin surface relief and releases the excessive cornification at the follicle exit. Intensively antibacterial. A low pH supports the antibacterial and anti-irritant gel effect. This regulates blackheads and bacteria, pigmentation and acne spots can be alleviated.


Med Beauty Swiss GLYCLEAN GEL is aim to refine the skin. Apply to cleansed skin in the evening. Then use a suitable care cream, e.g. Gly Clean Moisturizer.Suitable for impure skin or as daily use. Effective and intensively effective: Skin prone to impurities needs the right care concept.


Fruit acid, Glycocitro complex, Antibacterial, Low PH.



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