Med Beauty Swiss sun care face cream spf50 50ml

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The SUNCARE Face Fluid SPF 50+ offers light, mattifying and practically oil and fat-free sun protection for the highest cosmetic demands. This innovative sun protection impressively combines a particularly light texture with a reliably high sun protection factor. Modern filters against UVA and UVB Strong and long UV exposure damages the skin. SUNCARE Face Fluid SPF 50+ contains a state-of-the-art filter combination of UVA and UVB filters as well as zinc. The symptoms of sun-stressed skin can be minimized. Pro Vitamin B5 also has a regenerating and soothing effect.


Reliable dermatological UV protection and high quality skin care without compromise.

Med Beauty Swiss sun care face cream spf50 is applied every morning after the routine skin care, 30 minutes before attach to the sun.Tip: Ideal for impure and oily skin, the sensible addition to Gly Clean products. Also to use for covering scars, birthmarks, skin damage and hyperpigmentation. Particularly good to use as winter sun protection.


SPF 50+
Pro Vitamin B5



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