Neoboemi DNA cream mask 50 ml

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Neobömi DNA cream mask 50 ml

Anti wrinkle cream with hyaluronic acid - face mask and moisturizing cream

  • - UNIQUE - The cream mask contains both a DNA complex and valuable hyaluronic acid and thus supports the natural processes and the skin's ability to regenerate.
  • - EFFECT - The cream mask plumps up the skin from the inside and supplies it with new energy. Signs of tiredness and stress are permanently driven away and the skin feels elastic, smooth and radiant as a result.
  • - ANTI-AGING EFFECT - The complex of effects contained in the cream mask increases the activity of the skin cells and thus ensures a visible anti-aging effect.
  • - COMPATIBILITY - The cream mask is made vegan, free of dyes, preservatives and silicones and is suitable for use on highly sensitive and allergy-prone skin.
  • - QUALITY - The cream mask is manufactured in Germany in compliance with the highest quality standards and has also been awarded the top grade “very good” by Dermatest in 2018.

STEP 1 Cleanse your
face thoroughly

Apply the DNA cream mask to the face and neck
and massage in gently

Approx. Leave on for 15-20 minutes

Remove the mask with a cosmetic tissue and gently massage in any remaining residue

Effect - feel and see

The own DNA metabolism and the skin's ability to regenerate are increased, for example after sunbathing.

Thanks to optimal moisture retention, wrinkles are plumped up from the inside.

The skin is protected and the natural protection against UV rays is stimulated.


The DNA complex is obtained in a complex biotechnological process.

The hyaluronic acid is obtained through biological fermentation.

A naturally fresh skin feeling is promoted.



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