Niance anti-age balm balance men 50 ml

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Niance anti-age balm balance men 50 ml

NIANCE Anti-Age Balm BALANCE allows your skin to naturally regenerate while increasing its ability to actively protect it from oxidants and stress. Age like a fine wine and allow your skin to get better with time.


NIANCE Anti-Age Balm BALANCE is a light, silky balm with UV protection. Packed with extra moisture and vital nutrients it balances your skins ability to naturally repair while effectively reducing fine lines and wrinkles This allows for firm, elastic skin that is less susceptible to free radicals and other potentially harmful external influences like the sun or dry air.

- For a smooth and revitalized skin.

- Improves skin nutrition.

- Activates natural repair functions.

- Increases the protection shield against oxidative stress.


Apply NIANCE Anti-Age Balm BALANCE evenly every morning after shaving. Allow NIANCE Anti-Age Balm BALANCE to absorb for healthier, smooth feeling on the skin.


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