Osiris relaxing menstruation 10X1ml

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Osiris relaxing menstruation 10X1ml

Many women regularly have more or less severe menstrual cramps before, during or after the menstrual period. In addition to physical and mental fatigue, nervousness, irritability and moodiness, this also includes cramp-like pain in the lower abdomen and nausea.

Affected women often feel completely uncomfortable and unbalanced. Everyday life is often tormented, and effective work is hard to imagine.
The CBD aroma care oil relaxing menstruation was specially developed for women who have menstrual problems.
The aroma care oil contains a combination of black cumin, St. John's wort macerate, almond oil and jojoba. All substances are from controlled organic cultivation. In addition, there are high-quality, mostly organic essential oils.

The special: The CBD aroma care oil is complemented by relaxing menstruation with a portion of the purest CBD extract.



Massage 1:
Lie down or sit down comfortably. Put oil from a sachet on the belly and gently rub in a circular motion over the abdomen. Close your eyes and try to relax completely. Soothing music can help you relax.

Massage 2:
Slowly massage the two dimples in a circular motion with your fingertips directly above the buttock muscles on the lower back. Take a half-minute, then half-a-minute break. You can repeat the massage three times.

Subsequent rest and warmth on the stomach are recommended.

CBD aroma care oil from OSIRIS is available in 10 practical sachets of 1 ml each.



Black cumin, Johannis herbs, almond oil, jojoba, CBD extracts



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