Osiris gelenk - joint wellbeing oil 30 ml

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Osiris joint wellbeing - aromatic care with organic St. John's wort oil and arnica oil


  • - The CBD aroma care oil Joint Well by OSIRIS is characterized by its mixture of organic arnica oil and organic St. John's wort oil.
  • - Both oils are refined by various wild collections of high quality essential oils.
  • - Pure CBD extract effectively complements the aroma care oil.
  • - CBD Aroma Care Oil Joint Wellbeing is suitable for massaging the joints.

With the pipette, only a few drops are applied to the joints in the morning and evening, such as shoulders, knees, elbows or ankles, and gently massaged in. Initially, small circular movements are made around the joint with the index and middle fingers.

After just a few moments, you may feel warm. Now the skin and tissue are stimulated with stroking movements for a few minutes, which can help relax.

A few drops of the aroma care oil massaged into the solar plexus (at the transition from the chest to the pit of the stomach) spread the pleasant smell of the CBD aroma care oil more quickly through the nose.


CBD aroma care oil, St. John's wort oil.




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