ParaKito children mosquito repellent bracelet

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ParaKito children mosquito repellent bracelet

Innovative and stylish protection for all occasions. Worn around the wrist or ankle, this colorful and comfortable neoprene strap comes with two pads impregnated with our essential oil formula. The bracelets are easily adjusted thanks to a velcro fastener. They are suitable for adults and come in a range of colors and patterns that combine safety and style. If you can't make up your mind, wear two! Whether you are strolling through a forest or relaxing on a deckchair in the sun, your bracelet will very quickly become your best companion. And if you can't get enough of it, keep it by your bed at night to get a mosquito-free sleep.

Fun and trendy, these practical children's bracelets combine efficiency and comfort. Whatever your activity or your destination, share this protection with your whole family. The Child Bracelet is supplied with two refill pads.

- For all day, all zones, all climates and the whole family
- Children's bracelet 3-7 years
- 15 consecutive days of effectiveness per pack
- Diffusion of essential oils
- The blister is not in contact with the skin
- Adjustable size
- ID on the back of the bracelet, use an indelible pen
- Light and comfortable,waterproof


The refill plate slips inside the mesh pocket located on the outside of the bracelet. By diffusing the active in the air around you, the bracelet helps to mask the smells of your breath and your body. This makes it more difficult for mosquitoes to detect you. Ultra simple, naturally effective.

  • Insert the refill plate * into the bracelet
  • Adjust it to your wrist or ankle
  • Or just keep it nearby


parakito instructions for use mosquito repellent bracelet

Rechargeable mosquito repellent bracelet, Patented diffusion technology



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