Skin689 bio-cellulose face mask 20 ml

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Skin689 bio-cellulose face mask 20 ml

The bio-cellulose hyaluronic face mask from skin689 ® smoothes and refreshes the facial skin quickly and sustainably. Provides with its fine network of bio-cellulose for instant recovery. Their fine natural fibers are obtained from natural coconut water in a biotechnological process and fermented into a gel-like tissue. As a result, the mask sits like a second skin and effectively lines even the finest fold. The proteins they contain have strong moisturizing and calming properties.

- Active ingredients that intensify the moisture in the skin.
- Hyaluronic acid fills the skin's moisture depots and fills wrinkles from the inside.
- An amino acid complex additionally moisturizes and nourishes the skin cells.
- Pro-collagen, relaxes the muscles responsible for facial expressions and provides smoothing effect.


Unfold the face mask, remove both protective films, put the mask along the face contours and pull it smooth. Then let it relax for 20 to 30 minutes. Finally gently massage the residues into the skin. 

Tip: In summer, put the face mask in the fridge before applying it - this provides an additional freshness kick!

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