Skin689 firm skin tummy and hips cream 100 ml

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Skin689 firm skin tummy and hips cream 100 ml

Since "hip gold" does not always increase our well-being, skin689 - the Swiss expert for firm skin - has now also dedicated itself to this part of the body and developed a cream that has been proven to lead to increased fat burning on the stomach and hips and effectively tightens the skin there.

Clinical studies show increased fat burning through the active ingredient ShapePerfect. It has now been proven in vitro that the metabolic conversion of white fat cells into brown fat cells is responsible for this. Brown fat cells, in contrast to white fat cells, can not only store excess fat, but also quickly convert it into heat and energy. CHacoll®, skin689's proprietary patented active ingredient from medical research, reduces the increased storage of fat and provides more tone by strengthening the collagen fibre network.


For an optimal result, the cream is applied to the affected skin areas once a day for a period of four to twelve weeks.



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