Skin689 firm skin upper arms cream 40 ml

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Skin689 firm skin upper arms cream 40 ml

An emulsion that tightens the skin of your upper arms . With the help of CHacoll® as part of a unique combination of active ingredients , the emulsion specifically supports the formation of the collagen fiber network by stimulating energy metabolism and promoting the breakdown of fatty acids. The connective tissue is strengthened so that the skin looks fresh and vital again. At the same time, the skin “waves” less when the upper arms are raised - the so-called angle arms (bingo wings) are tightened cosmetically.

- Strengthening connective tissue and collagen fibers with CHacoll® and DermCom®.
- Compression and breakdown of fat cells with CHacoll® and CoAXEL TM.



Apply on the desire skin area of the upper arms and massage gently until it is fully absorb. Apply once a day.


Other ingredients such as sweet almond oil (Süss-mandelöl) nourish the skin, while shea butter and panthenol moisturize and increase skin elasticity .



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