Swiss Getal cellular skin softening exfoliator 50 ml

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Swiss Getal cellular skin softening exfoliator 50 ml

CELLULAR SKIN SOFTENING EXFOLIATOR is a mild enzymatic peel based on fruit acids which deeply cleanses the skin and forms the ideal preparation for subsequent skincare. The organic lemon, passion fruit, and pineapple acids in the exfoliator don’t just cleanse the skin, they also provide exceptional moisturising power. Unwelcome calluses are eliminated, while stimulating the formation of new cells. The gingko extract also provides a soothing, antibacterial effect. Sweet almond oil helps to repair blemishes and unblock pores. Our exfoliator leads to unblemished, even, and balanced skin from the first application.


After cleansing the face, apply a thin layer on the face, keep slightly moist with water. After a 5 to 10-minute, wash off the peeling and pat dry. Use once a week for dry skin, twice a week for oily, blemished skin. Then apply a SwissGetal mask (depending on the skin type).



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