Swiss Hair Care colour mask 150 ml

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Swiss Hair Care colour mask 150 ml

The Colour Mask in the Swiss Haircare Hair Care Series seals the hair structure, thus ensuring an intensive colour finish. The hair is shiny and healthy looking.

When coloring, the hair structure and cuticle are opened up so that the hair's own pigments can be broken down and the artificial color substances can be stored. This chemical treatment places a heavy strain on the hair fiber. If the hair is cared for incorrectly, the color pigments are washed out, which gradually fades the color and shine. In addition to coloration, lightening the hair, perms and other chemical processes also damage the hair and deprive it of its natural moisture.The hair mask counteracts possible hair damage, stabilizes the hair color, closes the cuticle, maintains the color intensity, ensures shine and reduces the washout Color pigments.


1-2 tablespoons once a week After washing hair, massage into the towel-dried hair and leave to act for 15 minutes. Rinse out.



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