Swiss Hair Care styling aerosolspray brilliant volume 300 ml

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Swiss Hair Care styling aerosolspray brilliant volume 300 ml

The Aerosol Hairspray Brilliant Volume by Swiss Haircare offers the highest level of hair care. Thanks to its unique formula, the hairspray ensures maximum hold and supplies additional volume, even with difficult hairstyles. Thus, even extravagant hairstyles can be more refined, the easily tolerable formula is also designed in such a way that it causes as little damage as possible to the hair roots and hair fibres. The spray is intended as a finish and is thus not applied until the hairstyle is already in place. Hairlines can, however, be adjusted later.


The Swiss Haircare hair care products represent innovation and high quality. As of course does the Aerosol Haarspray Brilliant Volume, which lends hair a completely new appearance, thanks to the volume injection. The combination of hold and volume is suitable for both men’s and women’s hairstyles. The hairspray is ideally applied to the hair from a distance of half an arm’s length away.



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