Swiss Hair Care styling intensive care oil elixir 100 ml

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Swiss Hair Care styling intensive care oil elixir 100 ml

The Swiss Haircare hair care products, such as the Intense Care Oil Elixir are perfect for all hair types of women and men. The elixir for intensively nurtured and silky hair contains a special regeneration formula, which protects against split ends, tames frizzy Haar and supplies it with important vitamins and nutrients right to the ends. Permed and coloured hair are protected against dehydration by the hair care by Swiss Haircare.


The elixir is massaged into the hair before washing. After allowing it to act for a short time, the hair is normally shampooed and rinsed. To achieve perfect styling, the Intense Care Oil Elixir is added to towel-dried hair and then blow-dried. The elixir is then massaged into the dry hair as a perfect glossy finish. The hair care products for women and men by Swiss Haircare are developed in conjunction with internationally recognised stylists and hairdressers.



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