Swiss Hair Care volume mask 150 ml

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Swiss Hair Care volume mask 150 ml

The strengthening intensive care with a structure-building complex ensures more grip, shine and lightness after a short time.

The Volume series strengthens the hair structure and provides visibly more hair fullness and bounce.


The Swiss Haircare Volume Mask is used like any other hair mask application. The volume mask can be used up to once a week, as required. Swiss Haircare recommends adding 10-15 ml (1-2 tablespoons) to damp hair after shampooing. The product is then massaged in in a circular motion and left in the hair for 5-10 minutes. After the exposure time, the Swiss Haircare Volume Mask is rinsed out and the hair is ready to be styled.


Soapwort and jojoba oil are the main ingredients for more volume and intensive care. While vitalizing soapwort gives the hair more body and structure, the nourishing jojoba oil gives it suppleness and protects against moisture loss. The oil penetrates deep into the hair and combats dryness and fragility. Dull hair with split ends and frizz is perfectly repaired and shines in a new, healthy shine.



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