Teoxane radiant night peel 40 ml

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Teoxane radiant night peel 40 ml

Teoxane Radiant Night Peel helps accelerate the cell renewal process. In addition it helps regulates imbalance in pigmentation levels, eliminating dark spots.

Teoxane Radiant Night Peel ® (A.H.A. 15% Concentrate) is intended for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, cleaning of dead cells. It promotes cell renewal process, soothes and reconstitute skin texture. This peel contains 15% glycolic and is suitable for normal skin.

Teoxane ® Radiant Night Peel (A.H.A. 15% Concentrate) removes dead cell, provides the production of the new cells, restores radiance of the complexion, and reduces the signs of skin aging and pigmentation spots. It also helps to soothes the skin.


Apply in evening on cleansed skin. Avoid eye and lip areas. To be used for 3 weeks and then repeated 3 times a year. For external use only.

It also can be used as 15-day special care to prepare skin for cosmetic or/and aesthetic procedure as part of a medical peeling manipulation.


15% Glycolic Acid, Vitamin E, Allantoin, and Neutrazen™.

RHA™ (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid), vitamin e



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