Viliv r - post laser cream 30ml

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Viliv r - post laser cream 30ml

The problem

Too much sun, extreme stress and dermatological treatments such as laser therapies and chemical peels can unbalance even normal skin. She is irritated, prone to hypersensitivity reactions and urgently needs special care to calm down.

100% vegan Gluten free

The solution

The viliv r - regenerate your skin, post laser cream from Dr. Felix Bertram is a troubleshooter at the highest dermatological level. Originally developed for the regeneration of the skin after laser treatments or chemical peels, the intensive cream is also ideal as an after-sun care and fragrance-neutral skin-calming agent after shaving or epilation and even for allergy sufferers. The quickly absorbed formula strengthens the skin's natural defense and repair system with an active ingredient in an optimally effective concentration: CM Glucan. The extract from a special yeast has long been used successfully for irritated skin and to support wound healing. It specifically activates immune cells in the skin (the Langerhans cells), inhibits stress reactions and protects against moisture loss.

The effect

When used before a dermatological procedure, there is evidence of less irritation. After exposure, the serum ensures accelerated regeneration. Tests with the active ingredient in 0.4 percent concentration showed an improvement in cell renewal of 35 percent. The viliv r - post laser cream contains the active ingredient in its optimally effective concentration of 5 percent to quickly soothe stressed skin.


Apply daily to clean skin as needed.

For extremely sensitive, allergy-prone skin that is stressed by dermatological laser treatments or chemical peels. Also ideal after the sun, shaving and epilation

  • Free from: parabens, mineral oils, colourants, PEG, BHT, EDTA and fragrance 


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