Viliv s - skin brightening serum 30ml

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Viliv s - skin brightening serum 30ml

The problem

Due to UV rays and free radicals, pigmentation disorders and age spots appear with increasing age. The viliv s - skin brightening serum with Swiss garden cress and soy isoflavones protects against light-related skin aging. At the same time, it inhibits melanin production, thus reducing new spots and balancing the skin tone.

100% vegan Gluten free

The solution

The viliv s - skin brightening serum can even out the skin tone and slow down the formation of pigment spots. Due to UV rays and free radicals, pigment disorders and pigment spots appear increasingly (with increasing age). A special complex acts as a powerful antioxidant and thus protects against light-induced skin aging, at the same time it slows down melanin production and thus reduces new discolouration and stains.

The effect

  • - Regulates the distribution of melanin in the skin
  • - New pigment spots are prevented
  • - Is antioxidant and protects against light-related skin aging

viliv s - skin brightening serum is the ideal serum for everyone who wants a balanced complexion and wants to even out pigment spots that have already formed.


Apply to clean skin morning and evening apply Viliv's Skin Brightening Serum morning and evening on face and / or hands.

  • Free from: parabens, mineral oils, colourants, PEG, BHT.


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