Vitacream B12 body milk 200ml

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Vitacream B12 body milk 200ml

A caress for your body!

This essential care for the body preserves the skin’s youth and softness. Its non-greasy fluid quickly penetrates the skin and is not sticky. It nourishes and improves the skin’s elasticity.

It stimulates the renewal of the tissue's metabolism. Thanks to its tightening effect conferred by the firming, toning and energizing agents, it restitutes firmness to the supporting cutaneous structures. It nourishes, improves the skin's smoothness and elasticity, promotes the restructuring of the epidermis, effectively prevents the tissue sagging and ensure an optimal hydration. 

This is the ideal complement after sun exposition, or after a bath or a shower.


To use in the morning and/or evening, after bath or shower. Apply on the body and massage with circular and ascending movements until complete absorption.



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